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April 27, 2004
Cover Story

This may seem insignificant, but take a look at the cover of the current issue of U.S. News and World Report.

us news cover

A couple things are notable about this image. Kerry -- a decorated war veteran who volunteered for incredibly dangerous duty -- is shown wearing a suit. Bush -- an undecorated Reservist who specifically declined war service, and faced military discipline for failing to report -- is shown in uniform. Bush is cast in cool stately blue, looking soldierly into the camera while Kerry is cast in commie red, in a picture of him arguing against the war in Vietnam.

It may seem silly, but these kinds of things have a profound effect. Ask any psychiatrist, or watch some television commercials for a while. Images matter, and these images side-by-side betray an extremely unfair bias. Contact U.S. News and tell them so.


Previous Comments

Not silly at all, and you are right. I sent the magazine a love note. Thanks for making it easy to be a good American. :D


Thanks for pointing that out.