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April 27, 2004
Flag Flap

See, this just seems really stupid.

First, doesn't the interim government of Iraq have better things to do than hold contests for new flag designs?

Second, isn't it a bit silly to celebrate the self-rule of the Iraqis by having an occupying country-appointed governing council impose a new flag on them that they had nothing to do with creating?

And then there's the design itself, which really defies all reason.

You may have noticed that nearly all countries in the Arab world have flags that follow a certain theme. Let's take a look.

egypt flag
jordan flag
palestine flag
sudan flag
iraq's old flag
Iraq's Old Flag

Wow. Remarkable similarity, huh? These colors and themes must be pretty important to the Arab identity, sort of like our Red, White and Blue symbolize our identity to us. (FYI - The green and black symbolize Islam and the red represents Arab nationalism.)

Apparently, the great minds entrusted with governing Iraq see things a bit differently. Here's the flag they chose:

iraq new flag

Whaaaa? Why, that looks completely different! I mean, you have the Islamic crescent moon there, that's good, but the rest is just out of left field. The two blue lines at the bottom are supposed to represent the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, and the yellow line is somehow supposed to represent the Kurdish minority. Because, I suppose, they're yellow. Or they wet themselves whenever they see Sunnis or Shiites coming. Or they are "of the sun." Something.

One of the biggest complaints among Iraqis is that this flag not only does not bear any resemblance to the flags of their fellow Arab states, it bears quite a resemblance to the flag of another country in the region. I can't quite place it. Hmmmm..

Oh, yeah! It's Israel -- the country that kind of wants to kill them and is widely believed by them to be complicit with the United States in imposing foreign ideals and religions on them and basically wanting to control every aspect of their lives through military might and economic superiority.

israel flag

These Iraqis.. sheesh, they just can't seem to see that we're on their side.


Previous Comments

Maybe we're looking at this wrong. When FedEx and Kinko's announced their merger, their new logo colors combined all of the two company's colors. Maybe we should take that route. The color scheme for the new flag should be Green, White, Black, Red, White and Blue.

No maybe. Exactly. Merge the logos, send it up the pole and see who the fuck salutes!

My heart thumps with texan pride.

Luv Ya Blue!


i know i'm kind of late, but israel DOES NOT want to kill iraq or its people, we don't want to impose anything on them either. bush is the one obsessed over the iraq issue, the only thing that WE in israel want is not to get hurt by missiles from iraq, as we almost did in 1991. having been a 10-year-old girl wearing a gas mask in a shelter, i don't think that our wish to not get shot at is that bad. i'd like iraquis to have a good life, i don't want to kill them.

but it's very easy to blame and accuse on a weblog.
i dare you to say that i want (or kind of want) to kill innocent people to my face.

Interesting that you would end your refutation of my little thing (which was not to be taken literally) with a threat, don't you think?

Naturally not all Israelis, or even most Israelis, want to literally kill all Iraqis. But there is certainly a giant chasm between the desires and beliefs of the Israelis, by and large, and the Arabs and the Arab states surrounding them.

The characterization that the wish of Israel is simply "not to get shot at" is simplistic in the extreme. Nobody wants to get shot at. That doesn't mean your foreign policy is above reproach. There is a difference between what individual citizens think and want and what a country does. For a blinding example of this, see America, United States of.