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May 4, 2004
The Liberal Bias of Facts

Once again, The Daily Show manages to say it all in one or two sentences.

In his little segment/parody of last week's Nightline controversy, Rob Corddry had this little gem:

Corddry: How does one report the facts in an unbiased way when the facts themselves are biased?

Stewart: I'm sorry, Rob, did you say the facts are biased?

Corddry: That's right Jon. From the names of our fallen soldiers to the gradual withdrawal of our allies to the growing insurgency, it's become all too clear that facts in Iraq have an anti-Bush agenda.

Besides being hilarious, this neatly sums up what the position of many right-wingers, including the administration, is quickly becoming. Inconvenient facts are treated as propoganda and either ignored, distorted, or covered up, and then quickly replaced with substantive dialog about how John Kerry fell off a bike.


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I see. The 7400+ words of blogging we produced on a variety of issues don't count. The one entry with a picture and snarky comment, that's representative, is it?

I see.

Oh, and by the way, as one developer to another, advertising your web design services might me a bit more effective if your web page displayed correctly in Internet explorer.

Touchy, touchy. Jeez, it was a joke.

Believe it or not, I don't actually believe that conservatives only talk about Kerry falling off a bike. They also like to talk about the difference between a ribbon and a medal, whether or not he uses Botox, and how much money his wife has. (another joke)

It sure displays fine in my Internet Explorer. What's the problem?

Sorry for the double post!!

I didn't read the "NOTE" at the bottom about not reposting until after doing so!

Deepest apologies!

Displays fine in my IE, too. Maybe there's something wrong with you, Dale (other than the obvious, of course).

Anthony, don't you realize that John Kerry is unfit for office because some doctor he never heard of before who happened to be in Vietnam around the same time claims that his first Purple Heart medal wasn't deserved? Dear God, man! If he's lying about that what else is he lying about? Maybe there's a priest somewhere just waiting to reveal that Kerry isn't really Catholic. Perhaps he isn't really a Senator. The possibilities are endless!

Saw the Corddry piece live. The Daily Show is pure brilliance (most of the time, anyway). And, Willoughby, there is nothing wrong with Dale that couldn't be fixed with 20 or so years of intensive psychotherapy.


Ugh. In cleaning up your double post, I accidentally deleted both of your real ones, and left only the apology one. Sorry! Please repost, if you like.

Jeebus, we're getting a, er...nostrilanche? Somebody must have linked to this post, or you're getting a lot of Google search traffic, or something. We're getting the run off the past couple days. A lot, apparently. A few hundred in the past 24 hours.

Very curious. Any idea what's up?

Yeah, Eric Alterman linked this post, hence the spike.


Does this mean Alterman is reading my site? More likely someone sent it to him. Either way, I feel famous by association.