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June 25, 2004
Bush Cheney Hitler Ad

This is kind of too ridiculous to be believed, but there it is, right on the front page of the Bush-Cheney web site.

The ad, called "Kerry's Coalition of the Wild-eyed," shows clips of various angry Democrats and then ends with some nice piano music and the words, "This is not a time for pessimism and rage... It's a time for optimism, steady leadership and progress."

But guess who they threw in -- twice -- among the shots of angry Democrats (including such notorious firebrands as Dick Gephardt). Go on guess.

It's Hitler.

That's right, Adolf Hitler.

The pretext for such a disgusting juxtaposition is that the clips are from the Moveon.org ad contest. As you may remember, a couple of people submitted ads that compared George Bush to Hitler, the Republicans went nutty about it, and Moveon apologized, even though the ads were rejected by the contest.

So Republicans tried to score political points by feigning outrage over the suggestion of a Hitler comparison by random citizens with video cameras. Now they themselves are using the same images in their official web videos.

Truly shameless.


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